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Frequently Asked Questions

Is orthognathic surgery considered cosmetic surgery?
Although improved facial appearance is very often an outcome of orthognathic surgery, the surgery is considered orthopedic in nature to realign the jaws.

Are orthognathic surgical procedures covered under my dental or major medical insurance plans?
Because the surgical procedures are considered orthopedic, they are considered by your medical insurance company.

When is surgery scheduled?
Surgery is scheduled when your Orthodontist has completed the pre-surgical orthodontics to remove dental compensations and relieved dental crowding.

Do my orthodontic braces stay on during surgery?
Yes, your braces stay on for surgery and are critical in achieving the desired surgical results.

Will my jaws be wired shut after surgery?
Newer techniques have been developed to eliminate the need to wire the jaws shut. Guiding elastics are often placed post-operatively to help you adjust to your new bite.

How long will I be in the hospital?
You will be hospitalized until you are able to take sufficient oral fluids and calories to maintain adequate nutrition.

Will I have bruising from the surgery?
Generally no. But do expect facial swelling, the majority of which will resolve in two weeks.

How soon after surgery are my braces removed?
When your Orthodontist is satisfied with the way your teeth fit together.

How much time off from school or work should I anticipate?
Generally, two weeks of time is sufficient to recuperate. However, a third week of returning to work or school on part-time basis may be required.

What if I have questions after discharge from the hospital?
You will be given extensive written home care instructions before discharge and you will have follow-up appointments with Dr. Henry at his office.